Some drabbles.
So I wrote some drabbles! I need to stop reading prompts lists.

Character(s): Meg, Linkara, Iron Liz
Summary: She didn’t get to heaven. But she came close enough.
Heaven.Collapse )
Character(s): Ask That Guy
Summary: Just another dumpster. Just another victim.
Dispose.Collapse )
Character(s): Linkara, Mechakara, Pollo.
Summary: Hate, when strong enough, is a powerful force. It is the only thing that keeps him alive.
Hate.Collapse )
Character(s): Linkara, Iron Liz, 90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Ninja-Style Dancer
Summary: Together, they stood a chance.
Together.Collapse )

Fanfiction! What's not to love.
Title: Running Scared
Summary: After Lord Vyce attacked the first time, Linkara didn’t recover for days. This is why.
Characters: Linkara, Lord Vyce is mentioned but never appears, cameos from Iron Liz, Harvey Finevoice, Pollo and 90s Kid.
Rating: PG for mentions of violence and death.
Word Count: 662
Disclaimer: I don’t own Linkara or any character mentioned here, they belong to Lewis Lovhaug.
Fanfic goes here.Collapse )


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