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Fanfiction! What's not to love.
Title: Running Scared
Summary: After Lord Vyce attacked the first time, Linkara didn’t recover for days. This is why.
Characters: Linkara, Lord Vyce is mentioned but never appears, cameos from Iron Liz, Harvey Finevoice, Pollo and 90s Kid.
Rating: PG for mentions of violence and death.
Word Count: 662
Disclaimer: I don’t own Linkara or any character mentioned here, they belong to Lewis Lovhaug.

Linkara was scared.

No. That wasn’t the right word. ‘Scared’ didn’t cover it, didn’t even begin to describe what he felt, what he was going through.
Linkara was terrified.

Usually, when the bad guys broke down his door, he had no problem dealing with them. Insano, Linksano….even Mechakara, in the end, was no match for him and his Magic Gun. So when Vyce appeared in his house, he had of course begun to fight back. It was second nature to him, really, like a hero in one of his comic books would do. Threat shows up, hero defeats threat. Simple.

But the battle with Vyce…that was something different. In fact, he wouldn’t even describe that as a battle. More of a beatdown, a world of pain delivered unto him by the conqueror of dimensions himself.

All that he sees, he conquers.

Lord Vyce left him in a bloody heap on the floor. He could have killed him. He would have killed him. There was no mercy, no kindness from Lord Vyce. Destroying the opposition was a daily occurrence for Vyce – his murder would barely be a blip on the radar compared to Vyce’s past crimes.

he’s going to kill me what happened what went wrong why am I so powerless why can’t I do anything why

And yet, at that last second, he had gone. And yet, after Linkara had wounded him, he teleported out.

Linkara had come so close to death. He often wondered what would have happened if Vyce had succeeded, is he had killed him. What would Liz have done when she arrived back home? Would she have found Linkara’s body there, crumpled and lifeless on the floor, the room in ruins? Or would she have returned to an empty house, Vyce having taken his body as some sort of twisted trophy? He shuddered, as the image of Liz’s grieving face filled his thoughts. No. He would not think about that, wouldn’t even consider…and then, Vyce would be free to take over his entire dimension.

I’m the only thing stopping him from taking over but not even the Magic Gun does anything I’m powerless against him now all I can do is fail

Faintly, he heard the voices of his friends calling to him, pleading with him to snap out of his reverie, but he blocked them out. They couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t help. When Vyce came, Linkara was alone.

“Hey, kid, you okay? Staring into space like that, you’re making me feel kinda jumpy.”

“LinKarA, Please ReSpond. You Have Not Said A Word In Days.”

“Dude, you been staring at that gun for an awful long time. I mean, guns are awesome and all, but…you’re not looking too radical at the minute, man.”

“Linkara? Linkara, please talk to me. You’re starting to scare me. Linkara?”

They couldn’t help him. But at the same time, he couldn’t help them. He couldn’t even help himself! Who knew what Vyce would do to them when he returned. Because he would return. He would want to finish the job. Linkara would just be another head, mounted on the trophy wall. One more Champion dead. One more dimension conquered.

he’s more powerful than me he’s always been more powerful than me even my enemies are scared of him why did I think I could win there’s no way I can win

Linkara knew he was going to die. But that wasn’t the part that scared him. After all this time spent battling bad guys, he had come to terms with the fact that any one of them could end his life. What scared him was the fact that he would leave his friends alone and vulnerable, in a world where Lord Vyce would conquer all. What scared him was that he didn’t know why he was still alive, or how much time he had left before the inevitable.

What scared, no, terrified him was Lord Vyce. And he was coming. Very soon.

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Ooh, I love this :D Good job! :D

Oh wow, that is wonderful! I love how you get deep into his head and have him actually fearing for his own mortality like that. But not just him dying, the consquences of that death.

Very good. Welcome to the treehouse!

Well, I thought Linkara would spend more time worrying about the others and what would happen to them, rather than just himself.

Glad you liked it! It's good to be here.

FANTASTIC! Simply fantastic! I can't really form coherent thoughts at the moment, but this is sheer win - the characterization and character voices are excellent, the emotions are raw - in a word ... well ... fantastic :)

Glad you liked it so much!

awwwww *cuddles linkara* that was so awesome, i bet thats what did happen...

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