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Some drabbles.
So I wrote some drabbles! I need to stop reading prompts lists.

Character(s): Meg, Linkara, Iron Liz
Summary: She didn’t get to heaven. But she came close enough.

Meg had had an awful life. Her hateful parents did not love her, but tortured her to death. Her whole purpose was to die. Her soul was bound to a weapon she hated.

That was when she had found Linkara. When he had picked her up, she had felt something new – happiness. For once in her pitiful existence, she was at peace with everything. For once, she was content with where she was. She could help him.

She didn’t get to heaven. But here with Linkara was the next best thing. They were partners. They were friends. She was happy.

Character(s): Ask That Guy
Summary: Just another dumpster. Just another victim.

Ask That Guy didn’t ask for much. All he needed were two things. A secret cellar, and a place to dump the bodies.

Critic didn’t know about it. Or maybe he did, and he was just turning a blind eye to his nocturnal activities. Either way, Guy didn’t care. Somehow, he knew Critic wouldn’t tell anybody.

As he slung the body bag into the trash, he couldn’t help smiling. He did this every day, but it gave him pleasure. It was the simple things that kept him happy. Like murder! And sodomy.

He needed help. He didn’t care. He liked his way better.

Character(s): Linkara, Mechakara, Pollo.
Summary: Hate, when strong enough, is a powerful force. It is the only thing that keeps him alive.

Mechakara hated Linkara. He hated him completely and totally, with his whole essence, with his whole being. His robotic frame could barely contain the hate he held for his old master.

When he was Pollo, he had been restless. Then he tore off his master’s skin, and wore it as a trophy. Now he had come to another universe, where his master was still alive and still abusing his counterpart. That filled him with the hate needed to kill Linkara again.

Except he didn’t. He failed. He lost.

That made him hate Linkara more. And this time, he wanted revenge.

Character(s): Linkara, Iron Liz, 90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Ninja-Style Dancer
Summary: Together, they stood a chance.

When Linkara fought alone, he often lost. He knew that. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was easy to beat on his own.

But when he had his friends, that was when he won. Backed up by Ninja-Style Dancer’s martial arts, or Liz’s swords, or Harvey’s gun, or even Nineties Kid’s giant gun, he was safe.

That gave him hope. When his friends were near, he couldn’t help smiling. Because together, they were invincible. Together, they could win.

As long as they all stood together, the evils of the galaxy would tremble. And Linkara was just fine with that.

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Their all awesome drabbles :3 My fav is the mechakara one blanted mecha fangirl tho the last one is awesome ^__^

That is really helpful. It provided me a number of ideas and I'll be placing them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again!

Great post! I want to see a follow up to this topic

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